Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bridal Destinations is moving back to Paradise

Just a heads up for everyone that has been following us that we did change our Etsy shop name from Paradise Jewelry Shop to Paradise Treasure Cove in Jan 2013. 

Also our Bridal Destinations shop on Etsy we will be closing and moving all the items back to Paradise Treasure Cove for all your Prom, Formal, Bridal and Special event jewelry and custom orders are always welcomed. Our main reason for doing so it was a good idea in the beginning, but hard to keep up with two shops and all the advertising and then some. We have more people that follow us on Paradise Treasure Cove it seemed fitting to return everything back.

Who knows many one day I will reopen Bridal Destinations, but for now I will let the items finish off and work to get them ready for viewing again on Paradise. I have only a few items for that section if you click the link below. Give me time and I will get more added.

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