Saturday, September 1, 2012

Making a Bride Feel Complete on her Wedding Day and a Suprise Twist.

       Yesterday at work was like any normal day you go to work, do your job, talk to co-workers and then go home. This day was a little different as we were having our Red and Blue party to cheer on our favorite college team rivals between Louisville and Kentucky. I had brought in some jewelry to show at a store near my home after work. Little did I know something different was about to happen.

        I wanted to show one of the girls from a different dept some of my jewelry that I brought in that day. As I called her over and she looked at the items she mentioned and pointed to the white glass pearl necklace and bracelet would be perfect to wear to her wedding. Little did I know she was getting married, so I had her try the necklace but it was too short, but I would need to make 4 inches longer? The bracelet fit her wrist just perfect then that next question was how much. I informed her that the necklace at the size it was $25.00 and the bracelet was $17.00 and she even liked both pairs of earrings I had too. I congratulated her up and coming wedding and said I didn't know and she said she was getting married next weekend and she wanted the items to go with her dress. She said it was low cut neckline and had felt naked up top as she didn't have anything to go around her neck, wrist or her ears. At that point I was relieved I brought my items in and helped a bride feel more complete for her big day coming up soon.

      Later I spoke to her and informed her I would only charge her $2.00 more to make the necklace longer and I would throw in the earrings for her at no charge. She was thrilled and said I will pay you on Thursday next week before I am off for my wedding. Little did she know I had informed a co-worker of the great news I had sold a few items and that she was getting married next week? She looked at me in shock and then asks me what the total was and I told her. The next thing I know my co-worker went into her purse and wanted to buy the items for the other co-worker as a wedding present as we never knew about this. Our department is known for doing baby showers, b-day, and wedding’s type parties. We felt bad and wanted to do something nice for her, so she handed me the entire amount and only asked that I get a card. I agreed and said I will not mention this to her and until I bring the items to her to surprise her.

      Once again I spoke to the soon to be bride co-worker and asked if I could have a few digital pictures of her wearing the items after the wedding to add into my Wedding Jewelry book I am working on to showcase my items. She was more than happy to do and gave me permission to even use them with them listings so people could see them on someone in a wedding dress.

Just a little something special can go a long way when you get to make someone happy.

Here are the items the soon to be Bride will be wearing this next weekend.


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